Mileage Tracker Form

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Tax season is upon us, and I’m reminded of all the business-y chores I have to do – or should have done throughout the last year – to wrap up 2015 once and for all. One thing I am terrible at … Continued

A word on fashion

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Since I worked in a fancy-schmancy ad agency for all of my twenties and then some, a lot of my time, effort, and money went into the wardrobe required for that job. Ladies were not permitted to wear slacks (I … Continued


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In the spirit of adventure, I have been trying some new things! We went to a drive-in for the first time, making Guardians of the Galaxy the first movie we’ve seen since Ellie was born. I enjoyed it (even if Josh … Continued

2014(ish) Goals

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Propelle Pittsburgh hosts a monthly(ish) happy hour at places around the city of Pittsburgh. July’s get-together was at Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip. Because we had the lower level all to ourselves, and because it was a smaller than usual … Continued


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Function, THEN form. That’s the way one should approach so much of design, and designing a nursery is no different. I’m no interior designer, but as Josh and I slowly update our home room by room, I do relish in … Continued

Better Than a B-

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One of the many areas I’m trying to develop right now is my willingness to fail. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more and more reticent to try anything that I might fail at. My general thought for years has … Continued

Survival Mode

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We’re finally getting over the shock that a) someone let us have a baby and b) we have not only kept her alive but she is just generally delighted at everything in the universe. Drool is no big deal, dirty … Continued

The Start of 2014

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So the transition from agency drone to mom/freelancer has been more challenging than I anticipated (and I forecasted a doozy, I really did). It’s also been more satisfying. Having a kid does things to your brain. Nature doesn’t want you … Continued

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