Heart/Letter Project

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I’ve been working on my letterforms. At first, I was interested in calligraphy and scripts. Scrolling, embellishments… mmmm. I’ve enrolled in a couple classes on Skillshare, which have been really educational (and cost-effective), but to make good script work, you … Continued


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Function, THEN form. That’s the way one should approach so much of design, and designing a nursery is no different. I’m no interior designer, but as Josh and I slowly update our home room by room, I do relish in … Continued

A Good Groove

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I’ve got a consistent client that I’ve been working on week to week, and that feels pretty good. It’s not flashy work, but there’s plenty of it and the templates they provided were created by someone that knows what they’re … Continued

rasager’s Hey-Bot

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Resumes are stressful, right? You have to prove to someone (or somewhere) that you’re competent and awesome and worth hiring and working alongside. In the hopes of alleviating a little of that anxiety, here’s a little robot dude intent on … Continued


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Things I have previously been afraid of: Lack of stability Not knowing the answer Not knowing how to do something Disappointing people I respect Disappointing strangers Looking stupid Failing   Things that are actually worth being afraid of: Mountain Lions … Continued