Better Than a B-

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One of the many areas I’m trying to develop right now is my willingness to fail.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more and more reticent to try anything that I might fail at. My general thought for years has been that if I can’t grade myself with at least a B-, it’s not worth doing.

But let’s be entirely honest here. “Not worth doing” really translates to “my ego can’t handle it”. So in order to get over that, I need to get over the shock of possibly REALLY SUCKING at something so I can really reach beyond my current limitations.

“Not worth doing” really translates to “my ego can’t handle it”.

I’m putting together a list of things I’d like to do that I know I will probably be horrible at but I want to try anyway… but it’s actually kind of hard because I’ve apparently trained my interests to align with what I’d be decent at! The best I can think of right now is a hip hop dance class (I wanted to be an MC Hammer back-up dancer when I was a kid, no lie).

I’d also like to try an improv class. I think being able to better think on my feet would be really valuable, because right now I am pretty terrible at it.

Got a suggestion? I’d love to hear it…

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