Survival Mode

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We’re finally getting over the shock that a) someone let us have a baby and b) we have not only kept her alive but she is just generally delighted at everything in the universe. Drool is no big deal, dirty diapers are hilarious, and she’s eating cereal like it’s old hat already and just give me the spoon already, mom, geeze.

Baby Sager’s recently gotten a bedtime, and miraculously sleeps through the night maybe ⅓ of the time. I still have to get up regardless, but not having to get her back to sleep (which can be a bear) is really nice. And if it’s dad’s night he can sleep on until the morning.

The best thing about the new bedtime is that she usually goes down without much of a fuss and then? Then we’ve got Time. Beautiful, wonderful Time. If we can stay awake past 9pm — a feat, these days — that gives us almost two hours to relax, work, or drink a big ol’ glass of wine. It is a magical part of the day and we’re trying to take every advantage of it.

Josh called the first few months of parenting Survival Mode, and it’s a nice luxury to be able to leave that attitude behind. Come on back, Life; things are different now, but not impossible.

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