Class Project: Drop Cap

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Jessica Hische’s Skillshare class “Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time” was a great exercise.

Watching Hische’s process videos was worth the price of the class ($25!), and I found real value in sitting down and going through the same steps she did. The class assignment was to mimic the project she’s been doing with Penguin Books: create a relevant drop cap design for your favorite book’s front cover.

JP-DropCapMine is Jurassic Park (DINOSAURS YAY), and I have to admit it was a pretty tough project for me! Chip Kidd has made TWO different covers for this book and of course they are both amazing. Plus, making a simple sans-serif “J” was much harder than I anticipated it would be! I’m happy with the overall cover, though. Because Velociraptor.

My one critique of the experience (ironically) was that I received very little feedback from my fellow classmates (according to the class, there were 684 of them), but I did sit on the assignment for a couple months after enrolling. I regret not being able to get into it earlier, but, you know: BABY. I did offer some feedback on several other late bloomers… hopefully some of them will respond eventually and I’ll get some commentary.

Do you have any comments/suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

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