The Start of 2014

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So the transition from agency drone to mom/freelancer has been more challenging than I anticipated (and I forecasted a doozy, I really did). It’s also been more satisfying.

Having a kid does things to your brain. Nature doesn’t want you accidentally leaving them in the woods somewhere, so it programs your brain to think about them 24/7. Where is baby? Is baby happy? What does that sound mean? Are they too large/small/fat/skinny?

Babies don’t actually require much in the beginning, which is good because as a lady you’re recovering from labor (however they got here). They need food, sleep, and diaper changes and they need them frequently. It’s kind of hard to do anything else. Even when they’re sleeping it is a mystery how long they will be in dreamland — and it’s almost guaranteed that as soon as you start something they will wake up.

Now, at four months old, Baby Sager is forming a pretty solid routine. I’ve gotten good at listening to what she’s try to tell me and she’s a happy girl*. Josh and I have only recently begun to let the rest of life creep back in. I did yoga this week. I attended a networking happy hour. Baby’s now going to a sitter twice a week and that’s allowing me to focus on freelance and personal projects.

This makes me realize that I am so glad I left my previous job. I don’t know what the heck I was so worried about. I’m now a brand new human. There are bumps, don’t get me wrong (I miss that paycheck), but I’m happier and more positive, grateful, and confident than I have been for years.

I’ve recognized that success is partly perception, and priorities have become easier to identify.

Is Baby Sager happy and healthy? Are her mom and dad retaining their sanity? Yes? Then we’re good.

I’ve set some project-based and monetary milestones for 2014. I’ve always been goal-oriented and I can feel myself locking down to get back to business.

I look forward to expanding the skillsets I’ve come to depend on, pushing my boundaries, and embarking on new experiences. Here’s to 2014.


*I know she’s happy because she’s smiling and laughing now. It takes soooo long to get that first real smile, but when it comes you are pretty much willing to bend over backwards to get the next one. IT’S AWESOME.

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