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Function, THEN form. That’s the way one should approach so much of design, and designing a nursery is no different.

I’m no interior designer, but as Josh and I slowly update our home room by room, I do relish in the process of not only improving the materials and craftsmanship, but also making it ours. Josh nobly gave up his studio for Ellie’s room since it was the largest between us.

It was due for a facelift anyway, since it was the first room we did anything to when we first bought the house more than ten years ago (a somewhat calculated move to get Josh on board with home improvement projects, ie “well, let’s do your space first!”). This redo went beyond painting the walls and adding some chair rail, however.

We went from this (mostly empty, with chair rail removed):

Josh's Studio

To this:







Initially I wanted to go for a “vintage space” theme, but honestly the room has kind of come together on it’s own, so a theme was unnecessary. The basic work involved was:

  • pulling up the carpet and refinishing the hardwood, which involved patching a big hole in the floor the previous owners had cut to put in a ceiling fan in the room below (dummies)
  • painting the walls and replacing the trim
  • converting a shallow unusable closet into a built-in bookcase
  • adding a bench to create a window seat
  • installing a ceiling fan

Friends and family have been so generous with clothes, decor, and inspiration. Josh’s dad made a wood carving of her name, her great-grandpa Sager made her a 3D rabbit puzzle out wood, and the sweet mountain scene over the changing table is from our friends at strawberryluna. The bizarre turtle footrest is a lovable nod to one my Granny Papaw had through my childhood before they passed away. The key hanging in between the mirrors says “SAGER” on it.

We’re hanging some beautiful pieces from Jessica Hische, Highfive, Matt Braun, Nathan Mazur and United Pixelworkers. Those will get rotated out, because we’ve got a whole drawer of artwork — it’s really hard not to buy adorable artwork for a kid’s room!

It took months to find a rug with wide yellow stripes, so I’m super happy with that. The “reading corner” is one of my favorite places in the house. She LOVES looking in the mirrors, and they help brighten the room. We’ve got wall space for new artwork as we find it. And there’s so much storage, which was a definite priority; for such a small human, they sure come with a lot of stuff. And now that she’s starting to really play with toys… I predict an influx of those thanks to grandparents.

She is just starting to move around a little bit — in a “I could have sworn I set you down a couple feet from where you are” kind of way — so we’ve still got some baby-proofing to do. And as with every home improvement project we’ve done, we both learned a lot. For instance, I would change the way we did the built-in, but the current version is a vast improvement over what was there prior, so mission accomplished. Other lessons learned were that table saws are AWESOME, and I still hate installing baseboards.

Next up: bathroom, outdoor space, or kitchen. Hmmm….

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  1. hello haha narf

    i am so in love with that turtle ottoman! (i mean, the entire nursery is fantastic, but that piece makes me wildly happy.)
    the room looks fantastic. i love that you didn’t use a specific theme. you have a lovely style…don’t need a theme!

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