2014(ish) Goals

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Propelle Pittsburgh hosts a monthly(ish) happy hour at places around the city of Pittsburgh. July’s get-together was at Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip.

Because we had the lower level all to ourselves, and because it was a smaller than usual group, Emily and Kate resurrected an exercise they hadn’t done for a while: they had all the ladies form a circle and we introduced ourselves, what we did, and answered a question – in this case, “What is your goal for the second half of 2014?”

That was an easy one for me: regaining focus.

I love me some goals. And before Ellie, if I made a goal in most any area of my life, I would meet it. I would set them up and knock them down like dominos. Write a novel? Done. Write another one? Done! Do an illustration a week for a year? No problem. Publish a book? BOOM.

However, having another human to care for does quite a job on your concentration. I set three personal goals for July 1, 2014… and I blew all of them. As someone that’s been so goal-focused in the past, this is a huge bummer.

Keeping Ellie alive, happy, and on track took up most of my brainpower this year – which is fine, because motherhood is a pretty rad thing and I don’t care how much your prepare for it there’s a good amount of winging it in the beginning (especially when you don’t have any family around to show you the ropes). But she’s almost a year old and it’s not like she’s going to stop needing me to care for her, so I need to buckle down and commit to my goals again.

Fortunately, I won’t have totally botched all my July 1st goals. I should have two of them completed by the end of August. And if I don’t, I’ll definitely have them done by September.

Better late than never.

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