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In the spirit of adventure, I have been trying some new things!

We went to a drive-in for the first time, making Guardians of the Galaxy┬áthe first movie we’ve seen since Ellie was born. I enjoyed it (even if Josh didn’t), and although the drive-in wasn’t what I was expecting, it wasn’t too bad. Next time we’ll definitely do the hatch-up-with-lawn-chairs set up instead of sitting in the front seats. Ellie slept through the whole thing, which was awesome.

We took Ellie swimming. I won’t call it a disaster, but she was not a happy camper. Josh and I aren’t big swimmers, but I don’t want my disinterest in water to taint her possible enthusiasm for it. Plus, I loved the pool as a kid, and I want her to have that opportunity. That said… maybe she’ll be more into it next summer.

I enrolled in improv classes. They started last week. I’m not great on the fly, so having to think in front of an audience on my feet is educationally horrifying. However, the class is full of talented, supportive people, so that’s making it more and more fun. Yes, and…

We went to Waffallonia in Squirrel Hill after a great Thai birthday dinner with friends. Gosh, it was hard to eat the best waffle I’ve ever had covered in Speculous ice cream and chocolate sauce…proof that every new venture can have serious(ly delicious) consequences.


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